Viewing and testing your CRF

Once you have created some visits and forms, you may wish to view your Red Pill application in a test environment to check how it will appear when in use. 


For this, go to the top left panel and click the Builds link

Click on Builds


Then click on the Build button in the test environment; this will generate a test version of your CRF.

Rebuilding the CRF in the test environment by clicking on ‘Builds’

You might have to fix some errors before you can build your CRF. This will be flagged by the system.

Problems with your design are flagged by the system when you attempt to build your CRF


Once the build process is complete, click on the Open revision X button to access your test CRF. You will need to create a site and add a participant using the links in the top menu bar first, and then you will see all your visits and forms. 


You can enter data and test that your forms are acting as you expected.

Viewing the Demographics form in the Red Pill test application

Every time that you make changes to your CRF using the builder, you can update your test application by using Builds. However, please note that the previous version of the CRF in the test environment and all test data (e.g., participants, test data) will be deleted every time you rebuild your test application.

Rebuilding your CRF leads to deletion of previously entered test data

Therefore, each time you rebuild your CRF, you will need to add a participant again in order to access all your visits and forms. You can then enter data and test that your forms are acting as you expected.

If you want to save the current version of your CRF before making changes to it, you can use the Snapshot function.

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