Getting started with the CRF builder

The CRF Builder is used to create an electronic case record form (CRF) for Red Pill. Visits, forms, fields and validation rules can be specified, and you can view and try your Red Pill application in a test environment at any time. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface allows researchers to build their CRF quickly.


The Access application is the gateway to access the CRF builder. Log into Access via the link on Sealed Envelope’s main website. Users are requested to authenticate themselves before access is granted to the system by providing their registered email address and password. If a user does not have an account on the system or provides an incorrect password, they will not be allowed access.


Once you log into Access, in order to add a new design in the CRF builder, click on Designs at the top of the page in the navigation bar, and then on Create a new design (available depending on user permissions). This will take you to a page where you can enter the short name or acronym of your study, full title/description, etc., as well as a web address (URL) for the Red Pill live application.

Completing details to create your CRF


Access the CRF builder by logging into Access, going to Designs, and clicking on the Edit this design link for your CRF design. The CRF can be edited by any users that have been given a designer account for that CRF. We recommend that there is only one person in charge of editing the CRF, otherwise changes can be over-written!

Click on 'Edit this design' to edit your CRF


The first page will show an overview of your CRF. The revision number shown at the top of the page increases every time a change is made to the CRF, such as adding or editing a field. You can edit the CRF name, description, and other details here by clicking on the Edit CRF details link under the CRF name.

Revision number and 'Edit CRF details' link


Moreover, you can perform several actions here by clicking on the corresponding icon on the left sidebar menu, such as configuring the randomisation, building the Red Pill application, viewing a listing of all forms and fields in your CRF, downloading a copy of the CRF as a JSON object, and viewing and creating snapshots of the CRF.

CRF actions

To find out how to start adding visits to your CRF, go to Getting started with visits.

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