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A visit contains forms. Each form is used to collect data on a participant. We recommend forms are kept relatively short, since in Red Pill the whole form must be entered and saved in one go (although drafts are saved to allow partial entry). It may help users performing data entry to split long forms in your paper CRF into several forms in the eCRF.

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Add a form

Add a form by navigating to the visit and using the Add a form to this visit link. The Label field is displayed in the Red Pill interface, and the Name field is used to name the underlying database table. Because of this, form names must be alphanumeric, start with a letter, and have a maximum length of 32 characters. The name is used when downloading data from Red Pill. The Description field is displayed under the form label when viewing or editing the form in Red Pill.

Adding a form (Demographics) to the baseline visit

The Repeatable option should be selected only if you expect to enter multiple forms in the same visit for the same participant, such as when recording adverse events or other events that may happen multiple times. See Repeating form or repeating section? for more information.

A repeating form in Red Pill - the serious adverse event form

The Subject entered form option indicates that the participant will be expected to complete the form themselves online using Red Pill's subject-entered forms feature. Scheduled or manually triggered emails or texts are used to invite a participant to complete forms for a visit. Talk to Sealed Envelope before selecting this option.

If you want a form to appear at different visits, you can do this by selecting 'Duplicate' and picking the visit where you want the form to be duplicated.

Duplication of Demographics form into 3-Month follow-up visit

Form rules

Form rules allow you to make forms required or unavailable depending on whether a different (parent) form has been completed and/or how the fields on this parent form have been answered. Form rules can be added by clicking the Add a rule link. Please see Form rules for more information.

Add a section

To add fields to a form, you must first add a section. Sections are used to group fields visually on a form. A section can be repeatable to allow a set of questions to be recorded multiple times. This is useful for recording all concomitant medications or medical history on one form, for instance. Repeating sections are denoted with a circular arrow icon.

A repeating section for medications

Repeating section in Red Pill

Sections can also be used to present multiple questions in a grid with Likert scale responses. All fields within a Likert scale section must be category fields with the same categories. Red Pill displays Likert sections as a grid of radio buttons. This section format is useful for questionnaires where all questions are answered using the same categories.

Likert scale section in Red Pill

Once you've added a section, you are ready to start adding your fields.

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