I didn't receive a notification email

Notification emails are sent out from our servers when randomisations take place or for various other events. Sometimes a recipient doesn't receive the email. There are several reasons for this which in descending order of likelihood are:

  • You may have disabled email notifications
  • Your email server has classified the notification email as spam and either put it in a spam folder or deleted it. If you can't see the message in your spam folder ask your mail administrator for advice.
  • The email has been delayed or queued by your email server due to capacity problems or other issues. Wait a few hours to see if you get the notification.
  • Your inbox was full or the email address held on our system is incorrect. Check that the email address for your account is correct and update it if necessary.
  • There was an issue with Sealed Envelope that prevented the notification being sent out. This is rare but if you have investigated all other sources above we can check our mail logs to see if the notification was sent.
Unfortunately we cannot resend notifications so if your mail administrator cannot find it your only option is to ask someone else who received the same notification to forward a copy to you.
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