Trials summary page

After logging in, users are presented with a list of trials to which they have access. The trials may be in different environments: test (staging) or live (production). The environments are shown as different tabs, and there is a tab to show trials in all environments. Trial panels have different colours and a LIVE or TEST badge in the top right corner. The environments are as follows:

  • Live is the system for use in the trial
  • Test is for user acceptance testing by the sponsor, site training and demonstration purposes

In each trial panel, one or more buttons are provided to access the trial with a particular role. The role determines a user's privileges and the site data they have access to.

Trials summary page

Users with an administrator role for a trial will see options to view users, notification accounts and the audit log. Users with other roles will not see these options.

Once a user has accessed a trial, the summary page can be returned to at any time by clicking on the Access link in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Multiple roles

Users can have more than one role in a trial, in which case several access buttons will be shown. Clicking a button will take the user to the trial application with the privileges and site determined by the role shown.


Each role can have notifications turned on or off. Notifications are emails sent when events such as randomisation, unblinding or query creation occur. If notifications are off, click the Enable notifications for this role link to turn them on. If notifications are on, click the Disable notifications for this role link to turn them off.

Suspended roles

Roles can be suspended by administrators, which prevents further access with the role and disables notifications.

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