✋ Timeline was introduced in Red Pill version 28. Previously it was called overdue forms.

The Timeline page shows an overview of the status of form completion across the whole trial. Each participant is displayed as a row in a table, with a coloured circle indicating the status of each form across the visits. Participants generally progress from left to right, although some visits may be optional or unscheduled.

Timeline view

Completed forms are shown in green, overdue and conditionally required forms in red. Forms that will never be completed because the participant withdrew are shown in dark grey. Empty forms in visits marked as missing are mid grey. Blue indicates that the form is not available to that participant for some reason – for example a pregnancy form that is not shown to male participants. Clicking on a circle displays additional information including the name of the associated form and visit. A reason may be shown for forms that are conditionally required or not available. The table may be filtered by entering terms in the search box.

Form detail including reason

Summary by site

The percentages of forms completed, overdue, etc are shown in the summary by site and overall. Note that percentages are calculated excluding forms that are not yet due in the denominator. So although 100% of forms may be shown as done today, this may change in the future as forms become due.

Summary view
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