I've been given the first administrator account - what now?

When a randomisation or Red Pill system is set up, the first administrator account is created by Sealed Envelope and the login details are sent to that person’s email address. The administrator should log in and create the trial sites, unless the sites have been pre-coded by Sealed Envelope.

You do not need to add all your sites at once - you can come back later and add more sites as needed.

Next you should add some investigator accounts for each site so that participants can be added and/or randomisations can be performed by the sites. You do this through Access.

If your trial has a code list, you should update the list to reflect the availability of treatment kits at each site. Randomisation cannot occur if there are no codes available at a site.

Finally check the specification page and the CRF or randomisation form and report any discrepancies or errors to Sealed Envelope.

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