Viewing and downloading randomisations


For trials set up for internet randomisation only, clicking the Randomisations link in the top menu will display a list of randomisations. Administrators will see all randomisations, including manual randomisations and those subsequently marked as randomised in error, but Investigators can only see randomisations carried out at their site.

For trials with a randomisation form in the CRF, clicking the Participants link in the top menu will display a list of participants. 

Viewing randomisations in a double blind trial

The list can be restricted by typing in search terms and ordered by clicking on the row headers.

Clicking one of the randomisations or participants in the list displays more detail for that record. A link will be displayed to mark as randomised in error if the participant has been randomised. Some trials may also have a link to unblind the randomisation.

The unblinded treatment group will never be given out by the randomisation system for double-blind trials, except for when the unblinding procedure is followed.


The randomisations can be downloaded in either CSV or Stata fixed format by clicking on the Downloads link in the top menu and choosing the randomisation form from the list of forms. See the downloads documentation for more information.

For blinded trials the data will not contain the treatment group, even if the randomisation has been unblinded. Kit codes assigned to randomised subjects can be determined by downloading the code list and joining on the patientId field (= Subject id).

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